REVOLUTE is a literary magazine of the Randolph College MFA.

**NOTE:  We met the threshold for free submissions in Nov! Thanks for your interest in Revolute!! Free submissions re-open Dec 1st, so check back then and submit fast! The first 150 subs are always free! Until then, if you don't mind the fee, it's the $2 Submittable minimum.  

General Guidelines

Revolute reads poetry, fiction, and nonfiction submissions from September 9th to December 9th. Micro Reviews are read year round. 

Simultaneous submissions are welcome. Please notify on Submittable immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. Previously published work will not be considered. Contributors retain all rights but are asked to acknowledge Revolute as first publisher if the work appears in books, anthologies, or elsewhere.  Please submit once per reading period. Response times will vary between 1-3  months. 

Feel free to email revolute (at) randolphcollege (dot) edu with any questions. 

Thank you for sharing your work with us!

- The Revolute Team

Ends on December 9, 2019$2.00

1 story per submission. Up to 7,000 words.

Revolute pays $25 per accepted work of fiction. 

Note: we happily accept flash fiction, autofiction, etc.

Ends on December 9, 2019$2.00

Submit up to 5 poems. Up to 15 pages total. 

Revolute pays $25 per acceptance of up to five poems. 

Note: we happily accept poetry comics, photo poems, video poems, erasures, etc. 

Ends on December 9, 2019$2.00

1 essay per submission. Up to 7,000 words.

Revolute pays $25 per accepted work of nonfiction.

Note: we happily accept essay, memoir, self-help, scientific writing, etc. 

Ends on December 9, 2019$2.00

Micro Book Reviews are up to 300 words. We publish LOST & FOUND reviews. 

A LOST REVIEW is a review of a book one might consider "lost" or overlooked. I.E. - You stumble on a 1973 noir thriller in paperback that you totally dig and want to review. Go for it! 

A FOUND REVIEW is a review of a new-ish or soon-to-be released work.

We accept reviews of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, chapbooks, user manuals, travel guides, car manuals, encyclopedias, etc. 

In very rare cases, we accept book reviews that exceed 300 words. 

Please include the book title, year published, publisher, and ISBN, if available.